The story behind You Were Made for Me


Growing a family isn’t always easy

Sometimes mommies and daddies need a little help

Follow a couple as they experience the hopes, dreams and disappointments of creating a family and how the generosity and love of others grows into the most wonderful gift. You Were Made for Me is a look into the unique and wonderful ways that some families are made and the journey of love that brings them together.

Using symbolism and sweet rhyming lyrics, You Were Made For Me introduces the complicated topic of being born from sperm, egg or embryo donation, to a young child. By giving children the “pieces of the puzzle,” this book sparks their imagination and stimulates them to ask questions.


The inspiration for You Were Made for Me

a note from the author

I am a mother of children born through the awesome gift of donors. With infertility on the rise, an increasing number of children and families face these unique and confusing issues and it can be difficult to know how and when to start this conversation. In my book, the sweet, heartfelt narrative gives families a tool to begin that journey with their child.

While searching for books to start this journey with my own son, I found that there was a need for a broader storyline; one that embraces a multitude of creation stories beyond traditional IVF—a storyline that resonates with all those involved in the process.

Whether it’s a new mother, father, or someone who might be struggling with options to grow their family, I feel that this book speaks to the heart of a parent as much as it does the child.


Meet the team behind the story


Sheri Sturniolo

the author

Sheri Sturniolo is a Pediatric Registered Nurse and mother to a son and daughter—both born through the awesome gift of donors. Through her personal journey and experiences, Sheri hopes to offer a valuable tool to families searching for ways to make sense of their unique creation story. Sheri lives with her husband, son and daughter (both conceived through embryo adoption) in the San Diego area.


Hannah Pak

the illustrator

Hannah is a graphic designer and self-taught illustrator based in sunny San Diego. She holds a Communications BA from the University of San Diego, California, and is currently enrolled in the San Diego City College design program. Some things she finds inspiration in include beautiful cinematography, anything hand-lettered, and really good coffee. 


Kate Woolley

the designer

Kate is an award-winning art director with 15 years of experience, and she jumped at the opportunity to help with You Were Made for Me. Kate and Sheri met on the Perinatal Special Care Unit (PSCU) floor during their pregnancies with their sons. During that time, Kate spent over 40 days in the hospital on bedrest, and an additional 34 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) before being able to bring her son home. After those experiences, Kate founded The Noble Paperie, and began creating greeting cards to support mothers walking through miscarriage, infertility, and other pregnancy-related issues.


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