Shout Out to the Pumping Mother

I’ll Pump For You

A Poem By Sheri Sturniolo

My sweet little baby so small and so new, it’s only the best that I’m wanting for you

To nourish your brain, each finger and toe I’ll give all I can to help you to grow

Breastmilk is the best, I know it is true, I’m hoping that’s something my body can do

Lanolin, Boppy, a new bra or two, all set for the moment you come into view

But you come a bit early before you were due, your sweet little face, love truer than true

you’re too weak to nurse so we’ll have to make do, no nursing for now, so I’ll pump for you

I’ll pump when I’m tired and the pain is non-stop

I’ll pump when it’s yielding just a few little drops

I’ll look in your eyes a deep ocean of blue

I’ll hook up once again and I’ll pump for you

Every three hours like I’m told that I should

Pumping and pumping as much as I could

I’ll pump in the day and all through the night

I’ll pump in the dark or at morning’s first light

I’ll pump cause I know rewards you will reap

I’ll keep up the pumping when I’m still half asleep

Your home now and stronger and we’re trying to nurse

And I’m thinking those bottles might have been a curse

My milk comes to slow, it’s work you won’t do

so after time “trying”, I’ll be pumping for you

I’ll pump when I’m happy or tired and blah

I’ll pump when I’m sick and my nipples are raw

When I’m out with my friends for some time to renew

I know you’ll be waiting, so I’ll pump for you

Your getting bigger and bigger my sweet little one

And I’m hoping this pumping can really be done

My milk has come in and there’s much to be had

But now it’s coming too fast and it’s making you mad.

I keep trying to nurse like I wanted to do

But you simply won’t have it so I’ll pump for you

I’ll pump when my energy is starting to fade

I’ll pump when you’re drinking the last bottle i made

I’ll pump in the car on the way home from work as I deal with the traffic and a road-raging jerk

When the rest of the house is tucked into bed, not me my sweet baby, I’ll be pumping instead

When I’m all hot and sweaty and it’s 102, You still need to eat so I’ll pump for you

And if all this pumping can’t keep up with you

And it’s time to bid our dear pump an adieu

When the milk just wont come from this body of mine

Well, my sweet baby formula will work fine

Sheri Sturniolo