“Just like a puzzle with pieces that fit, to make up a baby you need quite a bit.”


A story about

building families

the journey is different for everyone

Growing a family isn’t always easy and sometimes mommies and daddies need a little help. Follow a couple as they experience the hopes, dreams and disappointments of creating a family, and how the generosity and love of others grows into the most wonderful gift.

You Were Made for Me is a children’s book that takes a look into the unique and wonderful ways that some families are made, and the journey of love that brings them together.


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Reviews From Our Readers

Don’t take it from us, see what parents, families and our littlest readers are saying about You Were Made For Me.

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“We received our copy of “You Were Made For Me” in the mail today. It does an outstanding job of presenting the background of embryo adoption (but is versatile to other unique beginnings as well!) in a child-friendly and rhyming manner. Equally impressive was the adorable layout and illustration-the very best that I’ve seen in this specialty area!! You Were Made For Me does a great job of presenting the elements without over explaining and I cannot wait to read it to my little guy when he wakes up in the morning! Perfect to introduce the concept of embryo adoption to a little one in child friendly language with beautiful illustrations! It’s our new favorite, and I plan to purchase some as gifts as well!”

-Terry Family

“My almost 3 year old loves this book! She asks frequently to read the "baby book" as she calls it. I love it because it does a great job introducing the topic of embryo donation in an age appropriate way.”


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“A must for any child born with assisted reproductive medicine! This book touchingly and lovingly explains, from a parent's point of view, how very loved their baby was before he/she was even a little embryo. This is a wonderful baby shower gift for any parent expecting an IVF baby or a perfect and easy way for parents to share the wonder and awe of life with their own IVF miracle. Highly recommend!!”

-Kate Pache clinical embryologist

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“Love this!! This book is so cute. We read it every night before bed. Its a great way to introduce your child to the idea of embryo donation!”

-Ortiz Family


“This is such a sweet book about embryo adoption! My 6 month old loved the pictures and the rhyming. It held her attention and also held up to her! 100% recommend this book to families with embryo adopted little ones! My daughter sat so nicely to listen and seemed to really love this book. One of our new favorite books!”

-Stromberg Family

“I loved this book and had tears in my eyes as I read it. I could feel the love from the author’s heart of how much she and her husband wanted children so badly, but could just not on their own. She brings the reader along with her as she and her husband were able to make their dream come true and have a baby with the help of others. Don’t worry, she words every bit of it so sweetly and kid friendly. Her choice of words are absolutely perfect. She made me want to jump up and down at the end, in celebration of her new baby!”

-Murphy Family